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*price subject to location, outbuildings and age of home*

  • Condo inspection up  to 1000 ft.²  $310

  • Home inspection 1001 to 1500 ft.²  $389

  • Home inspection 1501 to 2000 ft.²  $410

  • Home inspection 2001 to 3000 ft.² $435

  • Home Inspection 3001 to 4000 ft   $510

  • All inspections Include Flir Thermal Image Scanning 

  • Same Day Delivered Reports  usually within 6 hours


*price subject to location, outbuildings and age of home*

  • Zefon Professional Air/Mold Test: $105.00 w/inspection 72 hr.

  • Radon testing / Radstar Equipment: $110.00 w/inspection 48 hr.

  • Mold Swab or Lift Tape Test: $45

  • Asbestos Testing: $70.00 per sample

  • Water Testing / State Lab: $60.00 basic bacterial, metals 20.00 ea.

  • Aerial Property Photographs: Call for a custom quote

*One of the highest review rated home Inspection companies on Google.*

Call For Quote and Appointment :

(509) 939-9762

"Amazingly thorough and incredibly friendly. Every nook and cranny was accounted for. What I loved most was that he knew a great deal about the era of the house, and was able to give suggestions on upgrades that would maintain the integrity of the home. What a great company!"


Ebil B.  Spokane

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